Why Flipside IT?

Because we are IT Rock Stars!

We live and breathe IT and have been plugging in network cables before we could walk! In all seriousness we love IT and making it work for your business. We are human (not propeller heads!) and are great digging deep to work out what you are trying to achieve and making it happen. We deliver world class IT support and services from our HQ on the NSW Central Coast, taking care of businesses around the country.

We look after everything IT from start to finish and with IT management by Flipside IT, you can reduce annual IT costs and reduce operational headaches. Our IT solutions improve business productivity, reduce downtime (and stress) and free your staff up to get on with what makes your business great! Our team is massively experienced, come and have a coffee with us and we can tell you lots of stories about working on mining sites, data centres, horse studs, aluminium smelters, garbage trucks, mine hunters, music festivals, fire suppression systems, wind-farms and holiday parks just to name a few! Our years of experience guarantees you to get solutions that just work with full documentation and support Moving past one-off engagements our biggest strength is when you partner up with us as your IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) where we become your IT department looking after everything from hardware, licensing, software, vendor management, support, communications, compliance and anything else IT you want to throw at us.

We already have in house IT support staff. What can Flipside IT do for us?

That’s ok, even if you have IT support staff in-house there are still things we can assist with.

We’re sure that there’s something IT related within your business now that is frustrating and wasting peoples time; It might be your land lines, dealing with Telco’s, asset management, that security audit that never seems to get done or an upcoming project that you need a bit of help with to free your staff up to get back on with your business.

You might even want to give your staff a holiday and we can back fill your IT staff so they can have a well-earned break!

Are your engineers qualified?

Yes, all our engineers know how to operate a screwdriver correctly plus quite a bit more!

Our staff regularly complete industry certifications such as Cisco and Microsoft and well as undertaking university study.

IT moves at a cracking pace so we are always training and updating. We have extensive in-house training and mentorship programs as well

What if I need urgent IT help?

For our existing customers please call our usual support number and we’ll escalate as required and get it resolved in a flash. If it’s afterhours you can still call our usual support number to get through to our afterhours team who will put you in touch with an engineer.

For new clients give us a call during business hours on 1300 354 774

Do you look after Home IT and Computers?

One of the few things we don’t do – our strengths, knowledge and experience is built around business IT so no we don’t do home visits or look after home computers.

Can I buy IT equipment & software through Flipside IT?

Absolutely! If it’s something to do with IT we can get it for you. Our partnership with some of the biggest hardware and software distributors means you can always count on us to provide you with great products at great prices.

Our computers are slow, nothing works, the Internet keeps dropping out and there’s a lot of red lights everywhere. Are you sure you want to deal with this?

Trust us, as bad as you think your setup is, we have seen worse and nothing is beyond redemption.

One of our biggest strengths from being able to offer end to end support is to be able to come in and systematically rebuild your IT systems from the ground up taking everything from woe to go.

Our systems are fine, but our file structures are a mess. Can you help?

Yes, we can help consolidate your file shares into something that makes sense as well as utilising cloud technology to make your files securely available outside the office.

I’m worried about backups or a security breach and someone mentioned we need to look at DR or BCP. Can you help with this?

With cyber-attacks on the rise and the recent introduction of Notifiable Data Breaches scheme all businesses now have a legal obligation to protect their sensitive company data.

We have experienced IT security staff in house to help you sort out all your Backups, Disaster Recover (DR), Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and security requirements to put your mind at ease.

Where do you operate?

We are based on Central Coast of NSW. We regularly travel to our clients all over the Central Coast plus in Sydney, Newcastle and further when required.

COVID restrictions aside we do provide nation-wide remote support for existing businesses with multiple offices support plus travel when required.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

What are the exact services that you offer?


Everything IT


More Comprehensive

Backups, BCP & DR


CIO Service

Cloud Hosting & Server Management

General Consulting

Hosted PBX Phone Systems (Desk Phones)

It Training

Licensing, Software & Hardware

Managed Network & Support Agreements

Microsoft 365 & Teams

Office Fit-outs & Relocations

Projects & Professional Services

Reception / Infoboard Displays


Security & Compliance Auditing

Vendor management

Visitor Sign On

Still don’t see what you’re after? Good chance we do it but didn’t list it – give us a call!

Sound great but I’m worried about price, isn’t this going to be expensive?

We get it and we do try and be as cost effective as possible while still delivering outstanding service.

Give us a call and we’ll have a chat about what’s driving you nuts and how much your staff waste each month on these issues.

When you put that unproductive time into an hourly cost per month, you’ll actually find that you’ll be saving money getting us in to take care of things and free your staff up to do what they’re meant to be doing.