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Looking for experienced IT specialists to cover all your technology needs? Don’t let technology get in the way of business. We offer a wide range of IT services for small and medium businesses in a number of industries:

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Need help with a big event or support with a large network?

Have a big conference or outdoor event coming up and need to make sure all the tech is in place and working? Flipside IT will make sure everything is up and running. Need support with large campus networks? Flipside IT has got you covered.

IT Services & Solutions

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General Consulting – IT Consultants

Have any IT-related issues that you need help with? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced engineers today— world class IT Support is just a phone call away!

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Backups, BCP & DR

How safe is your business’ data? Flipside IT can help avoid disaster with frequent backups, business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) services. Continuity planning and disaster recovery can help maintain critical functions before, during and after a major disaster event (natural or human-induced).

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CCTV surveillance is a crucial security element for any business. We can help secure your premises and deter crime with our modern CCTV systems. We’ll work with you to ensure the installation and setup process is as smooth and non-disruptive as possible.

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CIO Service

As your business grows, you’ll need IT guidance to make sure that your IT systems can keep up with your growth. At Flipside IT, we offer tailored consultation and long-term IT planning to ensure business continuity and growth.

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Cloud Hosting & Server Management

Need to get started on cloud infrastructure or need IT experts to set up and manage your business servers? With Flipside IT, you’ll be able to solve issues quickly and efficiently by receiving technical support exactly when you need it.

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Hosted Phone System (Cloud PBX)

Want to install a phone system that will scale with your business? Traditional PBX systems lack flexibility and require constant maintenance. With a cloud-based PBX system, you can easily create and manage virtual offices to meet your customers’ demands.

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Reception / Info board Displays

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. With our wide range of tech solutions, we can help you create a modern reception area that visitors and customers will love. From network setup to info board display installation, we’ve got you covered.

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Licensing, Software & Hardware Partner

Turn to Flipside IT for all your licensing, software and hardware needs. Our partnership with major software and hardware distributors means we’re able to offer the best products at the best prices.

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Managed Network & Support Agreementss

With a Flipside IT managed service we become your outsourced IT department. Spend more time growing and expanding your business and less time worrying about technical issues.

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Microsoft 365 & Teams

Looking for a way to keep your files and team chats organised? We offer help with the setup of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

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Office Fit-outs & Relocations

Moving to a new office? Data management can be a nightmare. Make sure everything is set up correctly from day one. Flipside will take the stress out of your IT relocation and help you avoid the nightmares associated with the physical move.

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Projects & Professional Services

Got a big project coming up and need the help of experienced IT professionals? We’re up for the challenge.  Contact Flipside IT today!

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Looking for ways to cut networking costs? With SD-WAN, your business can deliver more responsive applications at a lower cost and in less time than the managed MPLS services. Flipside IT can help you get started with SD-WAN.

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Security & Compliance Auditing

Making sure that your cloud data is secured should be one of your business’ top priorities. Keep your systems safe and secure by performing regular security and compliance audits.

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Visitor Sign On

Want to know exactly who is in the building at any given time? Do away with traditional visitor/staff books and implement a modern sign-in system that makes everything just so much easier. Flipside IT can help set up modern and flexible sign-in systems that work.

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IT Training

Have you implemented new technologies and want to make sure your employees are properly trained and educated? We provide IT training that won’t bore the socks off your staff!

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Vendor Management

Dealing with Vendors can be a nightmare – especially telcos! Flipside IT can take this headache away and let you get on with what you do best.

If you’re looking for IT support, we’re here for you. Take a walk on the Flipside!